About us

(actually it's about me not us)

Dinakar Sakthivel Founder of UseOutreach and The Netly

Hi fellow startup founders and entrepreneurs!

I'm Dinakar, I'm the person behind this project — I pretty much do everything for this project from updating the site to adding new domains names to writing copy like the one you read on the homepage and beyond.

Exactly an year ago I set out to build web apps and online projects.

It was hard and the bitter truth is it's even harder to find a name for it.

The best domains were taken. Even the names I made up myself and the ones that I thought "this will definitely be available" were taken too. Not just taken, the were sitting on the internet either for 1000s of dollars or plain adverts that do no good.

This isn't my problem alone.

This is something we all are collectively facing.

Everyone who started out with an online business idea had to go through this and let go of the name they initially wanted, and settle for something different or something remote from the initial version.

Now, a year later, I've come forward to solve this problem for all of us, forever.

For the time-being, I have published the best brand names from my portfolio. I'll soon be adding more. It's also exciting to say that in the future, the domain purchases from us will include a logo and design assets as well (for the current price).

That means you'll find the top quality domains at affordable rates and with the best value — the same quality of domains and packages that other marketplaces are selling for $1000+

We're able do this because we own all the domain found on our site, thereby we're able to set top quality standards and define our own pricing.

Coming back to first person, when you purchase domains from The Netly Domains, I'll contact you from the information you shared during checkout. With some registrars (like Porkbun, Sav etc) the transfer is completed within 24 - 48 hours after purchase.

There are also some registry or registrar restrictions that delay transfers to up to 60 days but don't be worried, this is normal. I'll ensure your purchase is safely transferred to you and will work with you till then.

So that's it for me for now.

Hope you'll find your perfect brand name soon.

See you 👋

P.S. I'm moderately active on Twitter. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me there @iamdinakar